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JongHeon Martin Kim

It is the environment, which influences the human consciousness and behavior.
 The environment consists of several factors: the physical, the social and the cultural.
 Human growth also has a close relationship with the environment; the condition which
 environment affects humans, and the condition in which humans act and react to the environment.
 Humans pass through infancy, childhood and adolescence in order to become adults.
 During these processes, the environment is one of the most important factor for growth.
 The daily habits created from the environment becomes distinguishable from culture which in turnforms the basis for education systems and language, and thus affecting the people within the whole area.Babies born in the same place might become completely different as adults if they grew up in different places as they adapt to the environment's specific life style and way of thinking.The environment is one of the biggest factors causing humans to constantly change.
 If water is,by enlarge, the matter forming the human's physical body, the environment is what 
is the most consistent in human's daily life.
I use water as a metaphor, the most important element to generate life on Earth as we know it and is also, not only a prerequisite for survival, but the largest element in our body,  
Therefore, the relationship between human and the environment is illustrated metaphorically through the imagery of people submerged in water and the change in one work to the next varies according to different water waves, patterns or surface reflection.

JongHeon Martin Kim Born in 1976 in Seoul Korea, He graduated with a BFA in Emphasis on Photography from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in 2010. He received his MFA in Pratt Institute Photography in 2012.  . He has participated in and co-curated several exhibitions in both New York and Seoul, also working at the  Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY. Public Information Department (Press photo)