Kips Gallery


Joe Gardella

Sep 3 - Sep 22, 2009


Joe Gardella works as if time does not exist. For him, spending, off and on, 3 or 4 years on a drawing is just fine. 
The works presented in this current show were done over a period of two years some 30 years ago
The drawings were executed on paper and all present a tectonic central  motif of a vertical barreled  shape. In some pieces this form is delicately constructed out of thin watercolor washes, in others, infinite strokes of fine dark graphite lines in varying tonal intensity, define the central shape while leaving untouched the white expanse of the paper.
Extremely work intensive, Joe Gardella's drawings are the antithesis of today's speed-crazed world.  One might ask the question why the artist does not try to obtain similar results with the help of the current formidable technology available today and favored by so many artists? But then, the mark of the human hand  would be lost… and it is precisely that which infuses Gardella's drawings with their real poetry.
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