Kips Gallery


Oct 15 - Nov 7, 2009

Haessle’s new oil paintings focus on a synthesis of form and color. The surfaces are weaved together in a complex layer of vibrant hues. The energetic mark-making or “writing” is executed by a direct application of paint from the oil tube.  Haessle mixes his own specific colors and packs each into an empty tube before beginning a painting. This process of painting results in lyrical canvases that present his personal vision.  
A collector and enthusiast of Chinese calligraphy art and 19th Century Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, Haessle is connected to the definitive linear mark-making of these works. The calligraphy and woodblock style is subtlety echoed in his paintings and they compliment his swift gestures and sophisticated color. 
Among the show’s highlights include a large-scale painting, “Us and Them”, where red is  predominant,  creating an intractable web allowing only for small color bursts to escape; and a smaller work, “In the Corner of my Eye”, where the surface of the painting is inscribed by a dynamic network of primary color.

"In the corner of my eye" 2009 oil on canvas 63 X54 inches

"Ora Labora or shopping in Granada" 2009 oil on canvas 42 X 42inches

"Dusk" 2009 oil on canvas 40 X 30inches