Kips Gallery


Geppy Pisanelli









Painting, intended as a means of communication, continues to be the focus of his artistic research. In his last work, we can find all of the artist’s peculiarities, that is, a conceptual content, a complex drawing structure, based on perspective and the theory of shadows, and a luminous painting style created with strong chromatic contrasts.
Mr. Pisanelli uses a straightforward language, without any frills, with strong and clear images immediately leading the viewer to wonder about its meaning.
The work displayed in this exhibit includes a group of paintings, which at first sight, seem to portray images belonging to reality, but which actually do not reproduce it. After a more attentive look, they recall a conceptual dimension inviting the observer to think over the intrinsic metaphor of the work.
For the artist, painted images are a pretext for communicating something else and are the starting point to guide the spectator in another direction. For example, in the painting entitled The Gold Swing, we can see a swing suspended in a mostly black-colored atmosphere. In collective imagery, the swing refers to the playfulness of childhood. However, in this context lacking any point of reference, its dark and gloomy atmosphere annihilates the initial meaning and rises to the role of metaphor.

What does it represent? A sense of emptyness? Uncertainty? Or the only thing to hold on to in the silent darkness? The meaning of his work remains coded. The spectator always has the last word. The way he feels creates different levels of interpretation