Kips Gallery

" Drawing for Scenery Interspace "

Lim, Chul Soon

Jan 6 - Feb 1, 2011
Opening Reception : Jan 6, 2011 From 6 - 8Pm

Kips Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Works by Korean Artist, Chul Soon Lim.

      In viewing the works in which Lim positions a realist painting of a sky and landscape, including actual dried flowers, buds, grasses, and reeds, in relation to a detailed black and white photograph of tree branches, surrounded or visually suspended between various calligraphic swatches of color. The complexity of this somewhat formulaic approach to art forces the notion of meaning. In these works, Lim is searching to transmit a symbolic meaning that represents the Korean experience. While this kind of symbolism may elude Westerners, one might equally argue one of the most fundamental points revealed by Postmodernism, namely, that different culture require a different approach to the kind of criterion that one uses in evaluating meaning in a work of art. I would argue in defense of these works-- that they procure a certain degree of complexity, but the complexity is not asking for a universal conceptual analysis, which is inherently impossible. Rather Lim's extraordinary mixed medium works require something special, another kind of approach , far removed from sensation. To grasp the Korean experience in these works requires a willingness by viewers to move beyond the Western idea of sensation and into the more delicate, yet powerful realm of feeling. This is the feeling that resides within nature, the force (qi) capable of transforming reality, if we take the time to experience it.

- Robert C. Morgan