Kips Gallery


Jan 7 - Jan 30, 2010


Metamorphoseis is the latest photographic sequence in which Delfino brings together the art of body painting, the concept of the Greek Pantheon and the ancient tradition of death masks to fully experience the lost sense of ancestral and charismatic femininity manifest in the individual expressiveness of bodies. Totally against the practice of “constructing” beauty imposed by the fashion world, Delfino takes issue with the cannons of present-day attractiveness, now defined in terms of a few standard models by the advertising industry for commercial purposes, and focuses on recouping the individual “signification” of the female nude that, for centuries, was the inspiration for western painting, from Rubens’ youthful ladies to Goya’s elderly women.

Taking “natural shots” without relying on any digital touch-ups, Delfino meticulously controls the lighting to enhance the statuesque and three-dimensional dimension of the subject. Instead, he repeats the same pose for each model to neutralize the additional meanings that might contaminate the purity of the expressiveness and the dramatic nature of the individual bodies. In this manner Delfino triggers an efficient dialectic between identity and dissimilarity, and between sequentiality and uniqueness.

Delfino has produced various videos by editing these images in a metamorphic loop in which the bodies merge together in a never-ending continuum, surrounded by musical compositions created by the same artist. In this phase of the project, presented as a real work in progress, Delfino makes extensive use of the computer to retreat from the notion of pure photography in order to attain, through contamination with the cinema or a performance, additional levels of reinterpreting the body, its unique and multiple identity and its infinite complexity.